Isaiah 21:11-12 Watch Woman on the Wall

28 12 2010

Because we’ve got two blogs going, (the other blog is “Christians Get Ready“) I’m “late” posting what God gave me the first day.  On December 28, 2010, Jason & I started this “A Year In Christ” blog as a way to do our daily bible study “together yet seperate” and utilize tools that are familiar to both of us…computers!

Isaiah 21:11-12 “An oracle concerning Dumah:  Someone calls to me from Seir, “Watchman, what is left of the night?  Watchman, what is left of the night?”  The watchman replies, “Morning is coming, but also the night.  If you would ask, then ask; and come back yet again.”

God has given me the “watchman title” many, many times in the past to the point where I say “I’m a watchman on the wall.”  (It wasn’t until blogging that I decided to use “watch woman” which is accurate given my gender as well as the fact that I love alliteration!)

What struck me me about this first was that God was re-iterating His call to me to “watch” the times (exactly what I’m doing with the other blog) but also for us, for myself and my son.  I’m the head of the household since there are just the 2 of us in our family.  I’ve been charged with raising him to be a good Christian man (the first thing God ever said out loud to me after I got saved when Jason was 2 years old.)

Watching the times, watching the signs.  Paying attention to what’s going on around us in the world, on the news, in the church.

The second thing that struck me was that morning is coming but also the night.  Given how many times the Lord takes me to scriptures having to do with the end times, the coming calamity upon the earth, the part about “morning is coming but also the night” leads me to believe that while the “End” has to do with terrible destruction of our world and the ungodly world system, the hope of His glorious restoration is also there.  I also got, for me, the command to keep asking, to keep watching, to keep coming to Him.

Yes, Lord, I will!




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